About Us

Practice History

In April 1997, after several months of planning and with encouragement from the then Bro Taf Health Authority Dr Kay Saunders & Christine Read set up Butetown Medical Practice.
Dr Saunders had been a single handed GP for 11 years and in April 2008, Dr Jane Fenton-May joined the practice and the Partnership was formed with the 2 GPs, and Christine Read as business partner/practice manager.

Serious discussions about a new building really got going in mid 2008, driven at the LHB end by Bruce Whitear. He doggedly pursued all the twists and turns of the negotiations between all the parties involved in the Loudoun Square development. By autumn 2008, we could see that the new building was really going to happen. We moved into the new surgery in May 2012. Dr Simon Braybrook became a partner in 2015 and Dr Shonagh Kutner became a partner in 2016 and was made Senior Partner in 2018 as Dr Kay Saunders stood down. Dr Kutner retired in June 2020 and Dr Braybrook became senior partner.

We have seen the practice numbers grow at a rapid rate and currently have a practice list size of 8,500 patients (Nov 2021) We are passionate about the delivery of primary care services for all our patients and aim to provide the very best care and treatment we can.