On entering the new building, @Loudoun, you enter a spacious atrium. Our reception counter is slightly to the right, ahead of you. There is a large waiting area. Our consulting and treatment rooms are along a corridor to the right.

We have more space on the second floor (non patient areas) with an admin office, the practice manager’s office, a meeting room, library, record store and store rooms. There is also the building’s common room, kitchen, locker room and showers. The health visitors, district nurses, multi-cultural resource centre and sickle cell service offices are on the second floor.

Coming back to the ground floor, Cardiff Council has an advice centre in the atrium. There is also an entrance into the Co-op pharmacy. Other community services take place on the first floor, including podiatry. There is also a dental practice. Cardiff Community Housing Association are the landlords of the whole building, and they run the community space on the first floor.

health centre